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Topic subjectI’ll use my own backpacker past as an example
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13460021, I’ll use my own backpacker past as an example
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon May-09-22 08:23 AM
I hated the shiny suits and the Puffy era. I was all about the unsigned hype and rappitty rappers.

Years later I was listening to Mase or a Puffy cut and realized I missed out on a lot of parties, dancing and fine booty because I was in the corner freestyling or outside the club debating Low End Theory or 93 til Infinity.

Basically we were some haters.. lol.

and one thing I learned is its possible to like pop culture AND the underground. You don’t have to choose one or the other. But we used to demand people pick a side.

I can party to P Funk and then listen to Gill Scott at a totally different setting and still be down for the cause.

it sounds like you are trying to lock people into a political view based on a moment in time and that isn’t how this works.