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Topic subjectbut people have "connected" "liking culture" so much, people "forget"
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13459995, but people have "connected" "liking culture" so much, people "forget"
Posted by c71, Sun May-08-22 02:49 PM
about social reality, etc.

I read one article where a guy from the 1970's was observing Black people "partying" at a P-Funk concert and he asked his friend "what if P-Funk had a message like Gil Scott-Heron?" His friend replied something like "then things definitely would be different."


"loving" pop-culture so much does seem to do "something" about how a person overall views an era.


The problem seems to be...(like in the P-Funk example)...if so many of your peers decide that "party-ing" to P-Funk is more "important" than having a "Gil Scott Heron" type of mindstate...we know that the majority of people are going to go in THAT "favored" direction (even Gil Scott Heron couldn't "keep" his supposedly "on-point" view and his lifestyle was very much like any of his peers who "partied" to Parliament-Funkadelic)