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Topic subjectit's easier to treat inconvenience as trauma
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13459992, it's easier to treat inconvenience as trauma
Posted by Mynoriti, Sun May-08-22 01:31 PM
i don't really know if it's a uniquely american or western thing, or privilege thing.. or something just more like a human default

the way people who have actually been through some shit don't talk about it in the same way as people who haven't been through much will whine incessantly about the smallest thing.

and yea as mentioned there's also a survival mode factor.
gas prices and inflation suck, but they're not gonna leave a lasting scar the way the crack era did for someone affected ,.. gas prices are super easy to talk about for everyone.

americans also like simple stories. that carter was an ineffective bummer who brought us inflation and gas lines, and reagan showed us the true potential of america's greatness... sure it wasn't perfect.. and crack yada yada yada.. but still..

seeing the same thing with trump. i had a conversation yesterday that started with "i didn't like trump but.." (these are always my favorites) how he actually did a pretty good job, it's just that he just couldn't stop running his mouth and tweeting stupid shit. yeah its anecdotal but i swear i hear this type of bs enough from apolitical types to believe he's gonna win again.

i makes me wonder how the covid era will be viewed in 20 years in this country. will it be a million people died, or will it be we coudn't get into walmart wihtout a mask, and we coudn't even go to dinner without showing a card...etc..