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Topic subjectNo. The “key” is living *your* life as best you can, within the that era
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13459984, No. The “key” is living *your* life as best you can, within the that era
Posted by Cold Truth, Sun May-08-22 10:03 AM
People say things like “run for office”, but everyone isn’t built for that.

Kudos to those who do, but it’s not like everyone who doesn’t, simply doesn’t care.

For many, life is challenging enough simply treading water within their own bubble. The problems of a era often add to those problems. It’s enough to keep the bare necessities in life, and putting a few dollars into a savings account is a luxury for many. Often enough, the problems of a given era make those things that much harder.

And if people aren’t just getting by, they have dreams and personal ambitions. Most people are just doing what they can with what they have. Even if we could all do a little, or even a lot, more, I think the basic challenges of life- not even accounting for more significant challenges many of us face along the way- make it more than understandable when we don’t