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Topic subjectEverybody processes all of this stuff at their own wavelength
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13459981, Everybody processes all of this stuff at their own wavelength
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Sun May-08-22 09:14 AM
And I don't begrudge folks for how they choose to do it whether it's total apathy/disconnection, or wallowing in it. Regardless of what I personally think of how they are processing it.

My mom talks about going to college before the crack era hit and then coming back from the military after it like she'd seen ghosts in real life.

Whereas my dad never left the hood during it all so he saw the deterioration of friends, family, local institutions and community up close. He doesn't talk about it much there were always these moments where he'd break a bit and you could see how much it hurt him. He'd see an old friend he used to run the streets w/ back in the 80s. Or the kids of a neighbor that went off on crack. These are not insignificant losses and you can see the generational ripples that happened and still are happening.

Personally I look at life like a bullriding machine. That bull is gonna keep bucking so make sure you don't get thrown off. Be prepared and move w/ it.

I think the crystallization of all this for me was the morning after Trump got elected and I went to work and boy it was warfare in there. Black people rightfully despondent about it. MAGAts gloating about it. Me, yeah it sucked and I knew America was in for it. But I had a lot of fucking work to do that wasnt going anywhere so lets get cracking on the day.