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Topic subjectIs the key to going through an era "not caring"?
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13459977, Is the key to going through an era "not caring"?
Posted by c71, Wed Dec-31-69 07:00 PM
Y'all know the deal:

Even with left-wing people fired up they "probably" won't 'primary' Biden now, since abortion is ending and left-wing people (now) want to win....

...folks still think Biden is looking a LOT like Carter because the USA HATES inflation and high gas prices (just like in the 1970's)


Our parents saw Reagan and Bush in power from 1980 - 1992 and saw the crack era DESTROY the Black community....yet how much do we really see people "crying" over the Reagan era/crack era?

Does the Reagan era/crack era seem like nothing because we "remember" all the cultural things like hip-hop/Purple Rain/Thriller/some movies/TV shows and really don't care about the societal outcomes of that era?

I don't really associate my family who were older crying too much about that era even though crack seemingly "destroyed" the Black community in the 1980's/1990's.


Is the answer just seemingly "not caring" about whatever happens in an era and just "keep going" because soon "it'll just be 'yesterday's new" and "you really just won't care about the bad stuff and just remember the music/movies/TV shows, etc."?

Poll question: Is the key to going through an era "not caring"?

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Yeah, of course, do our parents cry over Reagan/crack era now? (1 votes)Vote
Nah, you got to be super focused a Clinton can eventually win (1 votes)Vote