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Topic subjectEnded up going with the Checkpoint SL6. 1st ride this morning..LOVE!
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13460256, Ended up going with the Checkpoint SL6. 1st ride this morning..LOVE!
Posted by FLUIDJ, Thu May-12-22 06:04 AM
Hands down this feels like the best bike I've ever owned.
I flipflopped between the aluminum ALR 5 and then the SL 5 which is carbon... the groupset on the SL 5 was a little better and the storage bin in the frame of the carbon really won me over...i'm a sucker for gimmicky shit like that...although it's useful too...

Test rode the ALR 5 and came away on the fence and VERY unimpressed with the whole brake lever shifting setup. The ride also just felt uncomfortable. (I'm used to bar end shifters on my home-built cross bike and also used to thumb shifters on my e-bike. The brake lever shifters just felt sloppy and cumbersome and didn't inspire a lot of confidence...I was pushing the brakes while shifting, it was a 2X setup too, so the whole process was just....a lot.)
They were more focused on my complaint about comfort so he suggested I try a carbon frame Checkpoint...but all they had in stock in my size was the $8K+ SLR7... I gave dude the gasface off rip because I wasn't falling for the okiedoke upsell....but I caved and went ahead and rode it....
BLOWN AWAY!!!!! but it wasn't the carbon that won me over...it was the eTAP Shifters... I knew electronic shifting was a thing...but never understood the appeal... it made ALLLL the difference in the comfort and confidence level of the ride though.. I mean the carbon is definitely helpful...but the electronic shifting is the lick!

Fortunately they offer eTAP in the lower price point SL6 and they assured me the ride would be similar to the SLR7 just without the carbon wheelset and the RED version of the eTAP. Ended up having to go to a different Trek dealer to get my size and test a SL6. Sure enough...ride felt exactly the same with just a tad more weight since it doesn't have the carbon wheelset.

Off the shelf the bike was just under 20lbs...had the shop equip it for commuting for me...added fenders and a frame bag. I held off on the rear rack for now...still debating...i HATE to ruin the lines of this thing even more than I already have with the fenders lol...

Commute in this morning was only 1 minute slower than my normal commute on the eBike. This.Bike.Is.FAST! Fast AND more comfortable than my cargo eBike... I'm going to hate parting with the cargo bike...but I don't see getting much use out of it anymore. I'll probably miss it in the dead cold of winter and the extreme heat of summer though..