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Topic subjectmoving to a city where i can actually ride a bike in july
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13459919, moving to a city where i can actually ride a bike in july
Posted by bearfield, Fri May-06-22 05:09 PM
denver (or possibly westminster) to be exact. coming from little rock, AR. little rock is hilly as fuck and you can count the number of per-year non-rainy "nice" days (meaning clear skies, high 70 low 50) on two hands. most of the time it's too fucking hot and humid to ride here and that's not taking into consideration the hills or complete lack of bike paths and lanes

at any rate i am looking for a starter bike. i won't be commuting and mostly riding for pleasure/exercise. i haven't been on a bicycle consistently in over 3 decades but i am in "riding shape" due to spending several hours a week on my stationary bike. not trying to break the bank but i am considering this to be an investment so i am willing to spend if i know it will last me for a long time. don't plan on doing any off road biking. will be sticking to paths in parks and in bike lanes to start off