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Topic subjectfull disclosure: i "cheated" today.
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13459850, full disclosure: i "cheated" today.
Posted by PROMO, Fri May-06-22 11:09 AM
what i mean, is:

i was 50 some guesses in, getting nowhere, so i was like "let's do the hint"

well, the first hint was the 1/1000 word which helped NONE. so i was like, "can you do more than one hint?"

turns out you can. so i kept hinting until until it got me up to the like the 867/1000 word.

here's the thing - the hint words were words i don't think i've ever used in my life.

so finally i was like "well, if these are words i don't even use, how will i ever guess the answer."

so then i just quit to see the answer, lol. and of course the answer is a much more "normal" word than those hints.

good luck.