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Topic subjectWhen the daycare gives your kid a nickname because his name is "difficult"
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13459622, When the daycare gives your kid a nickname because his name is "difficult"
Posted by MEAT, Wed May-04-22 02:30 PM
So now my son (18 months) is starting to adopt that name when before he was trying to say his own name.

I don't feel like I'm over reacting when I ask what the fuck is wrong with people that they think that's ok, particular since we've brought it up before.
13459624, my oldest has a french name
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed May-04-22 02:43 PM
its pretty long but we made sure not to use her nickname around adults who need to use her full name.

also made sure to tell her to always use her full name at school.

when she is older I’m sure she will start using it

but nah.. they need to get it right.

Our problem was daycare. Most Black daycare workers struggled or intentionally said her name wrong cause they were being lazy. Which was a bit frustrating because they could say a lot of difficult names but they just said fuck those letters when it came to her name.
13459626, Do not agree to that. Your son’s name is your son’s name.
Posted by allStah, Wed May-04-22 02:50 PM
That action is degrading and can give your son a complex. Either they comply,
or you should go somewhere else.

I always ask people what would they like me to call them. Do you want me to
call you by your full name or is there a sensible moniker that you would like
me to use?

I make it a point to pronounce people’s name correctly.
13459631, How incredibly kind and thoughtful of you !
Posted by Brew, Wed May-04-22 02:55 PM
>I always ask people what would they like me to call them.

Imagine if you were this kind and thoughtful toward transpeople, who you consistently misgender on these very boards, because you're a fucking asshole.
13459635, It's an interesting phenom how on the internet, no matter the topic, it
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Wed May-04-22 03:31 PM
eventually leads back to transpeople.

Like there is this very interesting twitter thread by this lady rabbi about judaism and abortion and after dropping so much knowledge on the subject the first thing she had to do was respond to criticism to not being inclusive of trans men who have babies.


I see it a lot and not sure it helps the cause of trans people.

"Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face. Then they don't have a plan anymore." (c) Mike Tyson

"what's a leader if he isn't reluctant"
13459647, I have a history of hounding him about trans rights, because ...
Posted by Brew, Wed May-04-22 04:25 PM
... he has a history of being a complete and total asshole about them.

I do the same re: racism, and sexism, and homophobia, and other issues, with people who are consistently complete and total assholes about those matters.

Assholes need to hear that they are assholes, early and often.
13459628, Gross.
Posted by Brew, Wed May-04-22 02:51 PM
13459633, RE: When the daycare gives your kid a nickname because his name is "difficult"
Posted by MEAT, Wed May-04-22 03:12 PM
Six months ago I sent a message through the app about my daughter, “appreciate the pictures, however we’ve seen the ones without a mask, we had previously talked to you all about it as well as her, she does not have our permission to be without a mask and if another one picture comes without one we will remove her from the school”

I haven’t received one maskless picture since.

I guess I'm the bad parent
13459723, make sure they are actually having her wear the mask and not just
Posted by mikediggz, Thu May-05-22 08:50 AM
refraining from sending you maskless pics if mask wearing is still an issue
13459741, Four year olds would snitch
Posted by MEAT, Thu May-05-22 10:25 AM
And these are activity pictures not posed.
13459692, As someone who has a "difficult" name I used to hate that
Posted by J305, Wed May-04-22 11:29 PM
when I was a kid, I hated when people would try to Anglicize my name because it was more convenient, and would often correct them.

Complain to an administrator if you haven't already, but definitely be noisy about this, since it is important to you.

13459699, oh HELL TO THE NAW NAW....
Posted by FLUIDJ, Thu May-05-22 05:05 AM

"Get ready....for your blessing....."
"Bury me by my Grand-Grand and when you can come follow me"
13459743, As much as you probably pay for day care they don't get to say difficult
Posted by Mafamaticks, Thu May-05-22 10:48 AM
13459765, I’m curious if the nickname is an abbreviation of his name
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu May-05-22 03:41 PM
or if they really said fuck it and call him Oonfufu or juicy G

13459771, Its a three syllable Greek D name
Posted by MEAT, Thu May-05-22 04:11 PM
They call him Day-Day
I emailed the director since they opted to not respond to my app message
13459781, lmao.. nah man, fuck that.
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu May-05-22 05:11 PM
I’m crying

13459789, DAY-DAY
Posted by grey, Thu May-05-22 07:29 PM
lmao nigga you should have led with that im dyin. its funnier cuz the underlying name aint ados.

(...year 2000 snacks...glitter)
13459806, I have a greek first name and last name.
Posted by MEAT, Fri May-06-22 06:53 AM
So does my son now.
13459891, LMAO!
Posted by CyrenYoung, Fri May-06-22 02:21 PM

*skatin' the rings of saturn*

..and miles to go before i sleep...
13459894, Literally LOL'd at "Day Day"
Posted by flipnile, Fri May-06-22 02:29 PM
13459896, You can see why I responded quickly right?
Posted by MEAT, Fri May-06-22 02:37 PM
13459827, Teach the teachers how to say it. Be as condescending as possible…
Posted by nativesun07, Fri May-06-22 09:50 AM
….cause that’s unacceptable. Aren’t they supposed to help HIM spell and speak his….basics.
13459893, Absolutely not...
Posted by CyrenYoung, Fri May-06-22 02:25 PM
"..his mama named 'em Clay, I'mma call 'em Clay..." © Coming To America.

*skatin' the rings of saturn*

..and miles to go before i sleep...
13459898, Do you have van issue with nicknames period?
Posted by SeV, Fri May-06-22 02:45 PM
Or the fact he's still learning his name and its causing confusion?


13459912, Yes, but this isn't that. Daycare teachers are temporary to a fault
Posted by MEAT, Fri May-06-22 03:33 PM
They'll see a kid at this age for at most 6 months and often times much less due to the high turnover rate in their profession.

So in that case I think they should stick to the basics. Colors, words, shapes, animals.

Not defining how a kid self identifies without talking to the parents.
13459941, I guess. I can't tell u how to feel bout ur kid
Posted by SeV, Fri May-06-22 10:47 PM
I just can't relate to this issue cause me and just about every black friend I had growing up has a family nickname

I can't recall if I ever got confused about what my name was at a 1.5yrs old tho.


13459942, These folks aint family.
Posted by MEAT, Fri May-06-22 11:26 PM
13459967, Bingo
Posted by allStah, Sat May-07-22 05:47 PM
13460064, what if your coworkers made a new nickname for you?
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon May-09-22 12:11 PM
13460146, Last job I had like 3
Posted by SeV, Tue May-10-22 11:30 AM
I got a common but often mispronounced and misspelled 'Black' name (Antoine)

Grew up with teachers butchering my name for the 1st few weeks of school

I corrected em

As an adult the less I care

Just spell it correctly on the check or important documentation

If I'm cool with u chances r u kno the vibes and eventually calling me the shortened version of my name 'ant' or "toine'

Older Spanish folk always end up calling me Antonio lol

I don't even correct em anymore


13460162, Ok Annie
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue May-10-22 02:36 PM
13460172, Aint no teachers call you Ant-Ant though
Posted by MEAT, Tue May-10-22 07:15 PM
13460194, Breh comparing an adult to an 18month child
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed May-11-22 09:40 AM
We have the ability to say “cool nick name or nah.. don’t call me that”

but an 18 month old baby doesn’t have a choice.

wife and I have 5011 nicknames for our kids.. but at school its their full name until they decide what lil nicknames they want to use with friends.
13460204, Facts
Posted by SeV, Wed May-11-22 12:47 PM

13460203, Nah they just called me nigger
Posted by SeV, Wed May-11-22 12:46 PM