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Topic subjectAs I bump into some of y’all in them social media streets,
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13460213, As I bump into some of y’all in them social media streets,
Posted by Creole, Wed May-11-22 01:48 PM

I become very proud of having been a small part of this community.

Life been lifin’ and kicking me in the teeth. Son just turned 30. My babygirl is going through the shits right now. Kinda tough to deal with as her father.

Being in Miami last weekend to see Joe, Anthony Hamilton, and Maxwell perform was a blast. Prime Fish had some of the best food I’ve ever eaten in my life. The Tiki Bar at The Palms had the best mojitos I’ve ever drank. Anniversary coming in a few weeks. Thinking I might wanna go back for that three day weekend. Just wanna do nothing but relax. Like I said: Life been lifin!

Memorial Day
4th of July

All three of em are coming soon. That’s just about the dopest 36-day period of the entire year.

Kinda excited about the Roots Picnic which is coming soon. It ain’t a Re but I hope y’all gonna be out there enjoying your middle-aged selves. The lineup looks pretty slick too. Just look for the silver-haired dude. Hope Philly treats us all well.