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Topic subjectI love great coffee but I drink total shit at home lol
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13459543, I love great coffee but I drink total shit at home lol
Posted by Nodima, Wed May-04-22 01:29 AM
Mr. Coffee dumping 5 cups of Maxwell House or Dunkin' Donuts into a pot that really needs a wash. :(

There's an AMAZING local roaster here too, routinely takes trophies in pretty much every category at the national coffee tournament whatever it's called, and it's like 10 minutes from my place but it's always a special occasion.

I actually lived right above it when it first opened and tried getting in the habit of buying their beans, grinding them myself and had a slightly better (still drip) coffee maker thanks to a roommate at the time, but I'd burn through it so fast and it was like $20-$25 a bag for the same portion as the Starbucks/Dunkin ag you can find for $7/$9 at the supermarket/CVS.

Coffee is something I wish I could care about the way I do other beverages like beer or whiskey but it turns out my palette for it is fairly basic and the caffeine/hot temp is the thing I need most.

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