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Topic subjectits just like 4 million people Legs, relax
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13469784, its just like 4 million people Legs, relax
Posted by Stadiq, Fri Sep-30-22 11:45 AM
something something they'd have to apply anyway! something something evil Republicans!

** They debated this shit for nearly two fucking years. They didn't think they'd get sued? They make this part of the original message, people would be disappointed but not feel betrayed a month out from the midterms.

Can't say shit about Saint Joe though. Like 4 million just had the rug pulled from under them. 3000 people dying a week from COVID still.

"Blue no matter who, then you push him to be better!"

**Points out basic things he could be doing better

"Shut the fuck up, its only 4 million people and the bodies piling up are on Republicans Joe is doing his best"

Unconditional stannery- especially in politics- is a bitch