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Topic subjectNo but they were going to.
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13469734, No but they were going to.
Posted by stravinskian, Fri Sep-30-22 06:29 AM
The idea that they had legal authority to forgive student loans without congressional authority was always somewhere between shaky and ridiculous. (From what I remember, the whole idea literally started from a Twitter thread.) And given the nature of our current supreme court even 'shaky' isn't good enough. Once the supreme court considers the program, the whole thing comes crashing down, not just this small fraction of it.

The only way they can get away with it is if nobody has standing to sue. This was a way to take away something that might have constituted standing to sue.

Note: you've been trying to push the silly idea that the Democratic party is more interested in fundraising than in delivering results. If that were the case, they would have stuck to their guns, claimed to be defenders of the people, let the SC chop the whole thing down, and then run on that through 2024 and beyond. Instead, they're taking a significant political hit to keep this 'progressive' idea afloat.