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Topic subjectgreat post especially this
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13467180, great post especially this
Posted by Stadiq, Wed Aug-24-22 11:08 PM
>But I’m not gonna be broken up over 10k cuz why!? And
>really, if you’re screwed with student loan debt, you’re
>probably not 10k away from being aight.
>And really, I’m most interested in future stuff. Aka how do
>we not end up with another generation of people with ‘fuck
>up your life’ amounts of student loan debt and interest?

Given the situation, the way the admin went about it seems right (though I wish Democrats didn't love means testing as much as they do)

Even if they put it at say 400k married it would make sense, but I don't know. I'd hate to make 130k in San Diego or somewhere and still miss out.

Politically it seems like same damage control (125k v 200k)

But my biggest question in all of this is...what happens to kids starting school this week? Or next year?

I think this is a great step...and much smarter than 100% forgiveness because that would have absolutely backfired...but the real issue is the system now and moving forward.

Having limits on paybacks is huge but I don't know if that goes far enough.