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Topic subjectThe broke ones are cuz they’re easy to trick
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13467175, The broke ones are cuz they’re easy to trick
Posted by jimaveli, Wed Aug-24-22 10:40 PM
>i'm just sitting back laughing at some of this stuff.

‘Look at these people who aren’t as good as you getting stuff that you didn’t get! Ooga booga! They’re gaining on you and it’s not fair!’ And people are falling for it.

Imagine how hard rich folks of any political alignment are laughing about the average Mfer being up in arms over 10k..knowing how much money they’ve gotten out of paying into Murrica’s tax systems. And it’s a great show of manipulation to be able to easily steer people into being broken up over the idea of someone ‘getting something’ that they might not. And 10k? It’s not nothing but c’mon now!

Personally, I went to college forever ago, didn’t take on a crazy amount of debt cuz I was horrified of not being able to pay it, and I paid my shit off at least a decade ago. Also, I picked a school based heavily on cost for the same reason. I didn’t want student loans following me around until my 40s cuz fuck that. And I felt that way at 15..almost to the degree that I was okay with not going to college if it came down to it. But A Different World, decent grades/test scores, Blackness, and my parents not making a lot of money came together like Voltron and landed me a good scholarship and a student job. So I got hooked up more than well enough BEFORE college. And I tried to handle my biz to do it justice.

But I’m not gonna be broken up over 10k cuz why!? And really, if you’re screwed with student loan debt, you’re probably not 10k away from being aight.

And really, I’m most interested in future stuff. Aka how do we not end up with another generation of people with ‘fuck up your life’ amounts of student loan debt and interest?


How will this 10k somehow fuck up something down the road in our silly ass political landscapes?