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Topic subjectThere's one way still remaining to do more
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13467166, There's one way still remaining to do more
Posted by Walleye, Wed Aug-24-22 06:12 PM
I was hoping there would be more. More money. No means testing, etc. But this country is developing a really antagonistic position towards making people's lives better so it's a relief (see what I did there) that our mostly out-of-touch and passively corrupt ruling class got their shit together and did something, kind of. If making some working people's lives somewhat better is good, so is more - obviously. And since it's possible legally, politically, and economically, declining to do it is kind of sad.

But good things are good, so the one remaining "more" is that it would be excellent to see liberals own this in a way that wasn't just to discipline their left flank. Own it to the right as well. Get Biden in a room with a teacher or a nurse or a social worker - somebody who actually makes this country *work* - and let that person tell their story of why they pursued their education. Why their career came from that. Why that career is *good* for all of us. It would be incredibly appealing and would show some willingness to address our national culture of spite. Predictably, I see a lot of people hammering Bernie Sanders here but he's excellent at this. See his 2020 campaign stop in that South Carolina town with rotten water - he barely says anything, just let's working people talk about their lives and how there are political solutions to their problems.