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Topic subjectRE: unpopular opinion, but I'm not with it
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13467158, RE: unpopular opinion, but I'm not with it
Posted by jimaveli, Wed Aug-24-22 05:42 PM
>Mainly because as far as I can tell, the president doesn't
>have the authority to cancel school loans. Even if he does try
>it with an EO, it'll just get clogged up in the courts before
>it's overturned by our very conservative supreme court.
>Instead use that political capital to modify the system of
>school loans, put a cap on the max amount entities can charge
>in interest and fees (both public and private but esp
>private), and force those very loud mouthed senators to write
>legislation for school loan forgiveness that'll actually pass
>a legal challenge.
>(also for the record I'm not against school loan forgiveness,
>but I am against performative gestures that will do nothing
>but get overturned in court and give Republicans yet another
>talking point to use against Democrats)

There we go...performative gestures are not my jam either. I get that politics is a sad, sick, and silly game sometimes, but throwing some lazy shit out just to check a box and say 'hey! I tried to throw ya'll some money! Vote for us again! We're all still rich and we're coming to help you someday!' ain't what's up. And really, it isn't exactly better than 'hey, keep making us rich and it will eventually make it down to yo broke azz..trust us! And Jesus!'.

And if you don't tackle at least parts of the system that creates these situations, then we're still not good to go and this is just going to happen again and again and again and again.


Even worse, college will firmly go back to this thing that lots of people are priced out of. And the exact scumbags will go right on back to sending their kids to the very schools that they are trying to convince people to stop going to right the hell now. I can't believe their believers fall for this: 'yeah, college sux cuz it makes people hate white people and Jesus, and it doesn't have any mystique anymore' (because a lot of people who aren't wight now have degrees so wight people in power can't use lack of degree as an excuse to not hire women, black folks, and/or 'not straight' people).