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Topic subjectbernie is the most popular politician in america (c)
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13467147, bernie is the most popular politician in america (c)
Posted by Reeq, Wed Aug-24-22 03:46 PM
but couldnt win a single county in michigan.

medicare for all is popular but nobody who needs to win a competitive race is running on it.

make it make sense baby bro.

why is the narrative so divergent from the reality?

why has there been such little self reflection and readjustment from the people who have continually fallen short of their agenda?

as far as the other shit...

when i post tweets...theyre listing facts/stats...you should try looking at them from time to time.

and if 2020 was all about who people thought could beat trump...then what happened in 2018 when every seat (gov, senate, house) that flipped from red to blue...but 1...was won by people *not* running on medicare for all?

once again...how come the math aint mathing fam?