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Topic subjectGod you're fucking exhausting
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13467144, God you're fucking exhausting
Posted by Hitokiri, Wed Aug-24-22 03:27 PM
Medicare 4 all has remained popular for a damn decade with between 59% and 53% of people supporting it. Opposition to it has been been between 47% and 42%. Even at it's lowest, it's very popular.

It's insane that someone who does nothing but spam the board with Biden/DNC cheerleading using tweets as his evidence (look at how many tweets in this very thread), has an issue with leftist tweets.

And you and everyone else knows the 2020 Dem primaries were about Trump. Biden was seen as the candidate with the best chance of beating him, nothing more. It certainly wasn't his fucking policy positions that won a damn thing.

When Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi (obv so revered by leftists) are saying it's not enough, it's clearly just the perpetually angry contrarians being "perfomative"