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Topic subjecta lot of that is wishcasting from lefty social media echo chambers.
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13467124, a lot of that is wishcasting from lefty social media echo chambers.
Posted by Reeq, Wed Aug-24-22 01:45 PM
the same folks who praise their 'progressive' allies for pushing the dem party further left on medicare for all...

...despite the fact dems overperformed in 2 election cycles running *away* from medicare for all, obamacare has increased in popularity and was the key litmus test for dem swing elections, medicare for all (when the actual policy is detailed) has dropped in popularity, and it has virtually disappeared from the mainstream policy debate/discussion table.

this is what i mean by the performative left. its all cherrypicked hypothetical opinion polls, twitter threads, thinkpieces, tiktok rants, etc...and very little credence to the actual human beings who are benefiting, voting, etc (2020 presidential primary was clear evidence of this).

and the 'reactionary' folks would actually the be folks who are perpetually angry at the reforms taking place by the large majority/mainstream (pretty much the textbook definition of reactionary lol). like the folks pissed about student debt relief, the largest climate investment in history, bipartisan gun law, etc (whether they come from the left or right).

'they didnt go far enough' is inherently a reactionary position as much as 'they went too far'.