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Topic subjectwent on some black 'news' pages (theshaderoom, hollywoodunlocked, etc.)
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13467106, went on some black 'news' pages (theshaderoom, hollywoodunlocked, etc.)
Posted by Reeq, Wed Aug-24-22 01:02 PM
and im legit surprised at the amount of people saying this cancels out all or most of their debt, or they appreciate for whatever theyre getting, etc.

i thought there would be more complaining about it didnt go far enough, trump would have done more (always weird to see black people saying this), biden just wants our votes, etc.

i think as much as the debate rages on social media from people 30,000 feet above an issue...the actual people on the ground who are most affected by it are truly grateful for any help they can get.