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Topic subjectup to $20k for pell grant recipients basically is for black people lol.
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13467066, up to $20k for pell grant recipients basically is for black people lol.
Posted by Reeq, Wed Aug-24-22 11:56 AM
i gotta give it to this admin.

theyre so slick with the legislation and anticipating legal challenges against it.

earlier in the admin they had relief targeted specifically to black farmers (who trump gave the shaft when he was handing out welfare to the agri industry). thats been held up and challenged in court by repubs for 'racial bias' (and you know where the far right supreme court majority is gonna come down).

this student loan relief plan is basically upping the relief to black people (who carry a disproportionate amount of debt to white folks)...because black people are disproportionately receiving pell grant assistance. so directing more funds to black people while also having a higher chance of passing legal muster.

just like in the climate part of the last landmark...there was language tucked in their that essentially nullified the supreme courts decision circumventing the supreme courts decision striking down the authority of the epa to regulate carbon as a green house gas.

pretty nifty for the few of us who still care about actual policy lol.