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Topic subjectI still have money anxiety
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13458850, I still have money anxiety
Posted by handle, Wed Apr-27-22 10:55 AM
Let me state this: I have enough money. I have no debts that are in jeopardy. I have enough in savings for more than 6 months if I lost my job. I have a family support system that would prevent anything drastic from happening for months or maybe even years if I suddenly had no income.

I don't have any gambling or substance abuse problems. My job is secure at a very stable company.

But whenever I spent money for something like a jacket or shoes - things I need - I feel very anxious. Basically anything that's not a bill and cost over $100 I get very leery about buying.

I'm not sure what is triggering this but it's exhausting. I'm spending a lot of time in my head worrying about it. and it's for things that cost $100 dollars - not cars or houses or medical expenses.

What's the deal with that?