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Topic subjectI'm pretty torn on what to do.
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13458316, I'm pretty torn on what to do.
Posted by Kira, Tue Apr-19-22 12:17 PM
Too lazy to fix my s9 as I type on an s10e.

Want a new smartphone but AMOLED displays give me headaches and most phones don't support pwmfree. pwmfree dramatically dims the display.

Most phones on the market are 6.4 inches+ so Chinese oems are excluded. That's a whole tablet lowkey.

My options are an iphone se 2022, zenfone 8, an iphone 13 mini or a pixel (the 5.6 inch one). LCD display and newest soc favor the iphone se but battery life is abysmal. Iphone 13 mini should cost $530 in a year. The 5.6 Pixel only receives os updates for another year or two.

As full-time trader battery life is important. Most devices have small battery capacity even my old xz1 compact.

Not sure what to choose.