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Topic subjectwhat kinda phones yall rocking?
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13456445, what kinda phones yall rocking?
Posted by tariqhu, Sun Mar-27-22 08:01 PM
just bought a pixel 6. returning it. the finger printer reader is trash. that's a deal breaker for me.

really want to like this phone. for now, I'll switch back to my LG G8 for now.

luckily, I didn't pay for it yet. did the financing because google was running a deal to get 256GB version for the 128GB price.

I'm not getting an iphone. I kinda hate them. Have a 12 for work. not a fan.
13456446, Iphone 11 I think? Not really into the newest phones when I buy a phone
Posted by legsdiamond, Sun Mar-27-22 08:10 PM
13456451, I don't usually grab newer gadgets either.
Posted by tariqhu, Sun Mar-27-22 08:49 PM
bought this pixel one because the price was good. I hate spending more than 600 or so for a phone.

13456449, Broke down and paid more than I've ever paid for a phone...
Posted by Dstl1, Sun Mar-27-22 08:25 PM
copped the Galaxy S21 Ultra. My faithful LG G7 was on it's last leg. Joint wasn't even getting updates, anymore. Super happy with the Galaxy, though. Big screen, fast processor, banging camera, wild long battery life. I love it.
13456453, I hate that LG got out of the game.
Posted by tariqhu, Sun Mar-27-22 09:04 PM
my G8 is the best phone ever lol. but also not getting any updates after android 11.

it was the right size. takes good pics. battery is eh, but I got chargers in the car and everywhere else, so it was never was an issue.

I was thinking of the s21 too. had a samsung before and it was just so so. didn't like their version of android (I'll use the nova launcher to get over that). they're always hella pricey, but that's probably the route I'll go.
13456456, I had the LG joint with the button on the back
Posted by legsdiamond, Sun Mar-27-22 09:17 PM
where you tapped the screen to wake it up.

Best photos ever.

Everyone with an iphone was like “damn..your photos mad crispy”

Posted by Dstl1, Mon Mar-28-22 09:33 AM
I loved that my G7 had the fingerprint/unlock button on the back of the phone. Took me so long to adjust to my Galaxy having it on the bottom of the screen.
13458303, Maaaannn, what?!
Posted by The Wordsmith, Tue Apr-19-22 10:02 AM
My last 4 phones were LG and it wasn't even due to brand loyalty. It was just because they kept coming out with phones that appealed to me, plus the phone jack being included added on to the likability factor. I hated when they had decided to drop out of the game.

Since 1976
13456452, trusty S7 edge is dying.. looking to upgrade next month
Posted by Mynoriti, Sun Mar-27-22 08:49 PM
dying may be too harsh. Really it's just the battery life is shit, and the charging port is so janky it won't charge unless it's exactly perfect. So when i'm using a portable charger, i literally have to hold it in place.
other than that it works great lol

looking at the s22 or 22 ultra. i haven't decided yet. Pixel6 was in the running and sounds like a good deal, but it also sounds a bit buggy. Iphone 13 sounds kinda perfect but i'm scared it's gonna put me on the road to all things apple lol
13456468, the damn finger print reader not working is just dumb.
Posted by tariqhu, Sun Mar-27-22 09:53 PM
no other issues for me with the phone. battery is good. charges quickly. pictures are dope. and the price made it a no brainer.

If I knew for certain that finger print would actually work after software updates, I'd keep it. I can't trust it to happen, so I'm sending it back to google.

13456464, 12 Pro Max
Posted by Innocent Criminal, Sun Mar-27-22 09:44 PM
13456571, I have a 12 for work. I thought tapping that apple on
Posted by tariqhu, Mon Mar-28-22 08:30 AM
the back was slick. but this pixel has functions with back taps too.
13456576, S10e still hanging tough
Posted by spenzalii, Mon Mar-28-22 08:40 AM
Really not a fan of big ass phones and ugly ass camera bumps. The S10e is still the best compromise after a few years, so I'll stick with i t until Samsung sends a kill signal to it.
13456583, google pixel 6 pro
Posted by luminous, Mon Mar-28-22 09:02 AM
recent upgrade from pixel 2 xl
13456608, do you use the finger print?
Posted by tariqhu, Mon Mar-28-22 09:31 AM
if so, does it work?
13456641, i use it
Posted by luminous, Mon Mar-28-22 10:15 AM
i don't have any problems with it. it is slightly slower, but only by a second... it give 2 haptic vibrations before opening. 1st when you touch it and the 2nd when it opens
13456668, if mine worked as well, I'd keep it.
Posted by tariqhu, Mon Mar-28-22 10:47 AM
the slowness didn't bother me. just took some getting use to since my previous phone was really fast.

the inconsistency just became too much. now it won't even let me add another print. just keeps saying the enrollment isn't complete.
13458086, Coming from an Pixel XL2...
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Wed Apr-13-22 11:02 AM
Waiting for the Pixel 7.
But man, this Pixel XL2 is on its LAST legs.
I mean, apps freezing, restarts daily.

Might have to get that 6a next month instead.
13458095, LOL…this was my LG G7, at the end…
Posted by Dstl1, Wed Apr-13-22 11:58 AM
randomly shutting down Spotify, rebooting, all types of shit.
13458098, These phones ain't meant to last 4 years.
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Wed Apr-13-22 12:45 PM
But man I tried...ha.
13456586, iPhone 13 Pro, but...
Posted by handle, Mon Mar-28-22 09:08 AM
All the review sites say the Samsung Galaxy S22 if you must have a flagship Android phone.

The Motorola Moto G Pure gives you the full Android 12 experience - but low end hardware.

If the Pixel 6 wasn't up to snuff then you probably have to spend MORE.
13456610, the phone is mostly good.
Posted by tariqhu, Mon Mar-28-22 09:33 AM
liked nearly everything about it, but that one issue ended up being deal breaker.
13456597, i gave in and got the s22 ultra
Posted by mista k5, Mon Mar-28-22 09:19 AM
i ended up waiting more than a month for it to come in.

my note 10+ was still working fine but so was my phone before it that suddenly died. i didn't want to wait for the same thing and the trade in offers were pretty good so i figured i might as well go for it. main thing i wanted on the s22 was the upgraded cameras.

i thought i was going to go with a fold but it would still end up being so expensive after trade in and the more i looked into it the less i wanted it. i do think the fold 4 might give me a bit of regret but if i REALLY want it then im sure ill get a good trade in offer on the s22 ultra.

my main concern with it was no more sd card. after moving everything from my old phone and sd card im left with 20% of storage left.

im hoping the fold 4 doesnt tempt me enough to get it and that i stick with this one for a few years. i did buy it unlocked. verizon was being coy about which offers i could use if i didnt get it directly with them and i didnt want to be stuck with them for 36 months and deal with contacting support to get the credits applied.
13456620, I got mine from google unlocked too.
Posted by tariqhu, Mon Mar-28-22 09:38 AM
didn't want any extra charges on my phone bill. just want to pay for it and get it out the way.

I'm also not a fan of the lack of SD cards. the move to paid cloud storage killed it.

13456623, I buy all my joints off Ebay, unlocked or...
Posted by Dstl1, Mon Mar-28-22 09:43 AM
locked for AT&T. Never bought a phone from a cel phone store or got one as an upgrade for signing a contract. Let me drop this bread and be done with it.
13456629, I never check ebay lol. need to look there more.
Posted by tariqhu, Mon Mar-28-22 09:55 AM
I normally get older phones when they go on sale. my g8 was 500 or so from best buy.

finger print on the back is the better option.
13456632, that was my style...
Posted by Dstl1, Mon Mar-28-22 10:03 AM
I'd buy a new joint that was maybe 2 models old. Always got it at a good price. If LG kept rocking, I probably would have gotten another one. This is the first phone that I bought that was the current model out.
13456624, every time I see a commercial for the S22...
Posted by Dstl1, Mon Mar-28-22 09:44 AM
I look at my S21 Ultra that I've had less than a year like...man, am I about to become THAT guy? LOL.
13456677, from all accounts it seems the change from the 21 to the 22 isnt much
Posted by mista k5, Mon Mar-28-22 10:58 AM
every video i have seen says they dont recommend upgrading from the 21 to the 22. i do prefer the look of the 22. overall performance seems to be about the same as the note 10+ besides the cameras.

i think part of what clinched it for me was this basically being the new note. i dont use the s pen a lot but i do like having it and being able to put it in the phone. its useful when you do need it.
13456710, It's always been; pick an odd year or an even year for phone upgrades...
Posted by FLUIDJ, Mon Mar-28-22 12:25 PM
You're either always on the cutting edge or always saving a grip...if you came in at the right time it's both...

That's how I played it when I was on Samsung...and that's how i'm playing it on iPhone now.....
with the iphone you can stretch it to every 4th even year or every 4th odd year though...

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13456633, bought a samsung a51 and full year tracfone service for $60 on ebay.
Posted by Reeq, Mon Mar-28-22 10:04 AM
i rarely use my phone for anything other than texting, calendar/schedule, and music. so i dont need top of the line specs.

i love the cohesion with the google ecosystem between chrome os, android (with the clean niagara launcher layout), and chromecast/google tv.
13456645, that's a good look.
Posted by tariqhu, Mon Mar-28-22 10:21 AM
any service issues? I don't know much about trac-fone. what carrier lines are they actually using?

I use the Nova launcher. will check out Niagara.

13456686, tracfone uses verizon, at&t, and t-mobile.
Posted by Reeq, Mon Mar-28-22 11:24 AM
usually verizon in my area.

i havent had any network issues. but i rarely talk to anybody lol.

niagara launcher is so dope. i use that and the black sweet icon pack. dark mode everything.
13456659, I literally forced my wife to get rid of her old ass, LG V35....
Posted by Dstl1, Mon Mar-28-22 10:37 AM
joint hadn't had updates since 2018. She bought a Samsung A52 and it's a pretty solid phone.
13456688, yeah theyre cool no frills options for budget phones.
Posted by Reeq, Mon Mar-28-22 11:29 AM
wish you could uninstall more of the samsung/oneui/bixby/etc bloatware.

but def not complaining for that price with service included.
13456666, S9, s10e, and an old xz1 compact
Posted by Kira, Mon Mar-28-22 10:43 AM
This year I'm buying an iphone 13 mini and a xiaomi redmi note 11. Waiting on the Poco x4 series.

At this point give me something between an s860 and s888 or s680 and s695. Toss in a 5000 mah battery, nfc, hdr display, headphone jack, and fast charging. That's $400 at most for a whole lot of value.
13456747, RE: what kinda phones yall rocking?
Posted by squeeg, Mon Mar-28-22 02:20 PM


gamblers and masturbators.

13456750, just upgraded my work phone from a 5se to a 12.
Posted by tariqhu, Mon Mar-28-22 02:33 PM
I prefer the size of the 12. I hate apple's keyboard for not having numbers across the top.

maybe that's a setting, but didn't care enough to look lol
13456753, Ancient Fairphone 2 that's about to give the ghost.
Posted by Backbone, Mon Mar-28-22 03:06 PM
Got a Samsung Galaxy s9 from a friend to succeed it.

I don't think I'll ever buy a brand new smartphone again, it's ridiculous how many good ones are lying in a drawer somewhere.
13458025, So i got an iPhone after being Android my whole life. BIG MISTAKE.
Posted by PROMO, Tue Apr-12-22 12:46 PM
I hate this thing SOOOOOOOOOOO much.

I was deadass distraught the first night (didn't help that our experience in the store was fucking terrible).

So, people with the Galaxy S22 - how's the pics/battery life on that joint?

Cuz, I have 3 more days to decide if I wanna go back, and I'm leaning towards paying the $70 restock fee and getting an S22 cuz I hate this phone. I mean, I've figured out how to use it and could LIVE with it, it's just mad inconvenient IMO and it's missing quite a few things I liked about Androids.
13458032, battery life isn't great on the regular s22 from what i have seen
Posted by mista k5, Tue Apr-12-22 01:37 PM
people are recommending to go with the s22 plus. i got the ultra and im happy with the battery life. it's not a huge change from my old note 10+ but it is lasting longer. i'm usually going to bed with 30% or more. on my note 10+ i had to charge by about 7 pm.

the s22 ultra has some nice features for pics. the zoom is stupid, im not sure we should be able to zoom in so much with a phone lol i havent done any night shots but theyre supposed to be good too.

i would say look into the s22 plus and ultra, dont do the regular s22.
13458045, appreciate that info.
Posted by PROMO, Tue Apr-12-22 03:09 PM
definitely looks like the plus or ultra is the move for the S22 based on some reviews and articles i read.

your comments pretty much align with those. thanks.
13458072, For what it's worth, I've got the S21 Ultra...
Posted by Dstl1, Tue Apr-12-22 09:31 PM
and on the one day a week that I have to go to the office, I don't even take a charger. I leave home about 8 and get back home with 30 to 40 percent, at 6pm or so. That's with a whole day of texting and playing word games while I'm working. I'm sure you already know the deal with the camera...but I've had a couple of friends with newer iPhones mess around with my camera and be like, "man this is killing my camera"
13458035, a friend of mine is having the same experience
Posted by tariqhu, Tue Apr-12-22 02:15 PM
she's had the iphone for a couple of months now and still hates it.
13458042, my boy literally thought it was an April fools joke...
Posted by PROMO, Tue Apr-12-22 03:07 PM
cuz he's been iPhone forever and we joke back n forth. i got the phone April 1 so he truly didn't believe me until we texted.

but even he was like "yeah, if you've been an Apple hater and had Android forever you should probably just go back to makes you happy."

i'd be lying if i said there's nothing i like about the iPhone, but the good definitely doesn't outweigh the things i dislike or find inconvenient.
13458049, hate is a strong word for a phone. I would switch back if its that bad
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue Apr-12-22 03:37 PM
13458078, It took me at least a year to adjust to iPhone after being on Android
Posted by FLUIDJ, Wed Apr-13-22 08:22 AM
and specifically Samsung was my Android model...
the iPhone 11 was when I switched camps from Android....I didn't like a lot of things about iPhone for that 1st year and it wasn't until the 2nd year that I think I finally understood the whole iPhone philosophy...

I'm using the iPhone 13Pro Max now...and honestly i'm probably really JUUUUUUUST now getting to 100% comfort level and ease of use with iPhone.

I'd honestly say to just chill and give it more time...but i've been in your shoes...so I know what you're going through.

13458034, This post is handy , I’m so bored with Samsung and Apple
Posted by guru0509, Tue Apr-12-22 01:59 PM
I have a galaxy s10( personal ) and an iPhone 13 pro (work)

I can’t do anything about the latter bc we operate on iOS but I might just go back the razr for nostalgia sake
13458036, I was there were more players in this phone game that
Posted by tariqhu, Tue Apr-12-22 02:18 PM
made sense. it's really going to be apple, samsung, and google. Motorola is still kicking out decent phones, I think.

I don't trust OnePlus or other newish brands enough.
13458052, if sony got their stuff together id consider them
Posted by mista k5, Tue Apr-12-22 03:49 PM
seems like they put out phones with good features but they take almost a year to release them from announcement.
13458054, sony does have decent phones, but they cost too much.
Posted by tariqhu, Tue Apr-12-22 04:17 PM
and I've heard they update slowly. not sure how true that is.
13458105, I swear I miss my Sony Z3. 3rd favorite phone I ever owned
Posted by spenzalii, Wed Apr-13-22 02:43 PM
But Sony has to have some silly quirk on their phones that make no sense and price them like Trinitron TVs in the 90s, ie way too f'ing much. Buying one at cost then getting insurance and possibly missing out on some network perks doesn't make sense. Still, if I had the bread, I'd seriously consider it
13458079, Same here...i have the S10e for my work phone...it's PERFECTION
Posted by FLUIDJ, Wed Apr-13-22 08:26 AM
I legit think the Samsung S10e is the best Android phone made in the past 10 years.

I STILL get a full day+ out of the battery.
The fingerprint unlock NEVER fails...like EVER...ever...
It's fast.
It's the perfect size for a phone.
The pictures are GREAT.
The software is still snappy with zero lag.
This is probably the longest i've ever kept a phone...before this i'd hit up my job for a replacement phone every year. I'm trying to rock this S10e until it just gets dumb slow and won't hold a battery charge...but at the rate it's going, that ain't happening anytime soon.

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13458289, Most memorable time to have a phone was when Windows Phone...
Posted by kwez, Tue Apr-19-22 03:34 AM
still existed.

I still miss my Nokia Lumias.

It was legitimately a fun time with iOS/Android and WP all co-existing even if the Windows Phones were far behind the other two app wise. It was refreshing to see a different user interface paradigm.

Damn shame it didn't sell well enough to be continued because now we're left with two systems unable to push each other past their current level of boringness.
13459888, Just like American politics … 🇺🇸
Posted by guru0509, Fri May-06-22 02:15 PM

>now we're left with two systems unable to push each other past
>their current level of boringness.
13458048, waiting for the Pixel 6A
Posted by will_5198, Tue Apr-12-22 03:32 PM
I bought a used Pixel 2 four years ago that has served me well

really dislike iPhones as a preference, thankfully I am the only one in my family with an Android so my charger never gets stolen
13458061, this is me at work... LOL!
Posted by luminous, Tue Apr-12-22 05:34 PM
coworkers are ALWAYS looking for their charger. customers are ALWAYS looking to charge their iphone and eyeing any charger they see laying around...

>really dislike iPhones as a preference, thankfully I am the
>only one in my family with an Android so my charger never gets
13458122, I think I'm in this boat.
Posted by Numba_33, Thu Apr-14-22 08:11 AM
My non-5G Pixel 4a is starting to slowdown on certain apps.

I'm hoping the Pixel 6a's processor is much better than the non 5G 4a's and that is has a headphone jack. I'm one of the old school dinosaurs that still uses wired headphones to listen to my tunes.
13458083, Pixel 6 Pro
Posted by Marbles, Wed Apr-13-22 09:30 AM

It's a fantastic phone. It does everything I need it to do and it does it all very well. The only thing I would change is the size. I wish I could have it at the same size as the Pixel 6. But it's not a dealbreaker for me at all.

My fingerprint reader works just fine but I've seen a lot of people complaining about it. That would be a pain in the ass.
13458103, I hope they get it to work more consistently.
Posted by tariqhu, Wed Apr-13-22 01:51 PM
I like the phone, but sent it back. The fingerprint issue made it unusable for me. Might wait for the 7.

Hopefully my G8 will keep rocking for a while.
13458121, Still on Iphone X
Posted by KnowOne, Thu Apr-14-22 08:05 AM
aint broke dont fix it
Posted by PROMO, Fri Apr-15-22 09:31 AM
took the iPhone 13 back, paid the $60 restock fee and got an S22.

as soon as my stuff transferred over and they handed me the S22, it's like the sky cleared, the sun shined and life made sense once again.
13458221, How's it holding up?
Posted by Kira, Sat Apr-16-22 09:48 AM
Do you miss microsd card support?
13458254, so happy.
Posted by PROMO, Mon Apr-18-22 10:16 AM
remedied one of the worst decisions i've ever made, lol.

nah, i don't need a micro SD for the shit i use my phone for. i'm not fancy like that.
13458257, you went for the regular s22?
Posted by mista k5, Mon Apr-18-22 10:31 AM
13458260, yeah like i said, i'm not fancy.
Posted by PROMO, Mon Apr-18-22 11:04 AM
i use my phone for texting/social media/taking still photos of clothes/streaming music & podcasts.

the ONLY negative, which i already knew from my previous android, is the iPhone battery KILLS the Samsung batteries. i'm always around a charging cable though so it's not an issue.
13458241, got the s22 ultra
Posted by Mynoriti, Sun Apr-17-22 11:08 AM
i had my s7 for 6 years. if it wasn't for the battery, i was fine with it

this s22 ultra's a monster tho. really like it so far.
but the biggest adjustment is the size which i'm already getting used to.
the good part about waiting so long is you really feel the upgrade.
13459881, cpl weeks in, i don't think i could ever go back to a smaller phone
Posted by Mynoriti, Fri May-06-22 01:42 PM
the size was the only reason i was hesitant to cop this one, but fuck i love it.

i have to access my old phone occasionally for something i wasn't able to transfer over, and that shit seems like its tiny. it's also crazy slow in comparison lol
13458316, I'm pretty torn on what to do.
Posted by Kira, Tue Apr-19-22 12:17 PM
Too lazy to fix my s9 as I type on an s10e.

Want a new smartphone but AMOLED displays give me headaches and most phones don't support pwmfree. pwmfree dramatically dims the display.

Most phones on the market are 6.4 inches+ so Chinese oems are excluded. That's a whole tablet lowkey.

My options are an iphone se 2022, zenfone 8, an iphone 13 mini or a pixel (the 5.6 inch one). LCD display and newest soc favor the iphone se but battery life is abysmal. Iphone 13 mini should cost $530 in a year. The 5.6 Pixel only receives os updates for another year or two.

As full-time trader battery life is important. Most devices have small battery capacity even my old xz1 compact.

Not sure what to choose.
13458408, iphones always win the battery contest.
Posted by tariqhu, Wed Apr-20-22 07:54 PM
not sure anybody's android will ever do as well as they do.

I feel you on the smaller phones. my g8 is pretty perfectly sized for me, although heavier than I like. my work iphone 12 is a good size too. the pixel I returned was a lot. trying to fit into pockets or stuff it into my flipbelt for running was a challenge.
13459836, Android Heads, this imessage thing might finally make me switch
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Fri May-06-22 10:07 AM
I've never owned an iphone. 100% a point of pride with me. Even my entire family is on apple. But we use spotify and youtube music for music and we have all sorts of google home devices.

But this not getting messages thing. It's actually gotten worst. People straight up not getting my text. I just learned I am on a group chat for months and folks just thought I was quiet on it. Nope, just not getting them. It's the only thing that makes me want to switch but its a pretty big deal. What's tough is that android has claimed to have fixed this.

"Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face. Then they don't have a plan anymore." (c) Mike Tyson

"what's a leader if he isn't reluctant"
13459853, Can you give more details on this?
Posted by Marbles, Fri May-06-22 11:46 AM
>I've never owned an iphone. 100% a point of pride with me.
>Even my entire family is on apple. But we use spotify and
>youtube music for music and we have all sorts of google home
>But this not getting messages thing. It's actually gotten
>worst. People straight up not getting my text. I just learned
>I am on a group chat for months and folks just thought I was
>quiet on it. Nope, just not getting them. It's the only
>thing that makes me want to switch but its a pretty big deal.
>What's tough is that android has claimed to have fixed this.

Are you missing texts in groups that include Android & Apple folks? Or solely Android users?

I assume you're using the Messages app?
13459861, I never knew this was a thing.
Posted by tariqhu, Fri May-06-22 11:56 AM
13459866, don't do it bro. don't be me up above, lol.
Posted by PROMO, Fri May-06-22 12:29 PM
13459874, The simplicity if the apple ecosystem is beautiful
Posted by guru0509, Fri May-06-22 12:56 PM
And iMessage is great (group chats are awful though if there is an android user in there lol , it throws off the whole chat)

But if you’re Iike most OKPs and have lots of personal music that you would like to personally load onto your phone , you will pull your hair out trying to tag and sort it correctly in iTunes

I've never owned an iphone. 100% a point of pride with me.
>Even my entire family is on apple. But we use spotify and
>youtube music for music and we have all sorts of google home
>But this not getting messages thing. It's actually gotten
>worst. People straight up not getting my text. I just learned
>I am on a group chat for months and folks just thought I was
>quiet on it. Nope, just not getting them. It's the only
>thing that makes me want to switch but its a pretty big deal.
>What's tough is that android has claimed to have fixed this.
>"Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face. Then
>they don't have a plan anymore." (c) Mike Tyson
>"what's a leader if he isn't reluctant"
13459957, Have you tried Textnow?
Posted by Kira, Sat May-07-22 12:55 PM
It supports group chats while free.

13459880, RE: iPhone 12 Pro Max 256gb
Posted by Thee Phantom, Fri May-06-22 01:23 PM
I actually thought I had an 11.
I don't even remember upgrading but I guess I did. Lol