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Topic subjectPorn. A SFW discussion.
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13456319, Porn. A SFW discussion.
Posted by double negative, Fri Mar-25-22 08:59 AM
1. one of my mostest favoritest things is seeing amateur action where the girl is wearing a bonet. Seems relatable.

2. I've started to notice 80% of the amateur stuff is made by dudes with hand tattoos. It's a weird thing I've started to notice.

3. why do some people fuck with boxers on? Just take em off, damn.

4. I've started to notice trans content placed among cis content and it feels a bit different. I'm wondering if this is a reflection on changing attitudes or the way content producers categorize content?
13456325, LOL
Posted by TR808, Fri Mar-25-22 09:22 AM
THis post reminds me of the old Okayplayer....

Lets go!!!!
13456329, #3 baffles me lol
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Fri Mar-25-22 09:37 AM
13456375, some folks are too afraid to be vulnerable under any circumstances
Posted by double negative, Fri Mar-25-22 04:56 PM
might have to throw your dick back in and start running if shit pops off
13456339, A bonnet? little house on the prairie style?
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri Mar-25-22 10:10 AM
for me its the body tats… I’m not into it and most of them are terrible ink jobs.

I can’t even watch it..
13456346, Think oversized silk shower cap.
Posted by JFrost1117, Fri Mar-25-22 10:41 AM
13456359, that was the first image that came up
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri Mar-25-22 01:03 PM
but I knew damn well that wasn’t what he was talking about.. lol.

okay, the man has a thing for shower caps
13456355, yea when i think bonnet i think of old timey girls and cartoon babies
Posted by Mynoriti, Fri Mar-25-22 11:58 AM
13456354, No seriously. Why is 60% described as incest?
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Fri Mar-25-22 11:51 AM
Like where are all these people who want to think it's brother and sister or mom and son getting it on?

"Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face. Then they don't have a plan anymore." (c) Mike Tyson

"what's a leader if he isn't reluctant"
13456358, Watch the end of Clueless again and you will see why
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri Mar-25-22 01:01 PM
it always bothered me how that movie ended and no one really made a stink over ber dating her step brother

I just asked a coworker about the end of that movie and the reaction she gave was eye opening. She didn’t see anything wrong with it because they weren’t blood related

Fucking weird!!!!!

She actually said it was cool to see when she was a teen.

Whaaaaaaaaaaat - Kevin Hart
13456561, wps
Posted by kinetic94761180, Mon Mar-28-22 08:08 AM
13456357, when i was young and super skinny i used to do this
Posted by Mynoriti, Fri Mar-25-22 12:51 PM
i was insecure about being skinny. somehow leaving my boxers on made me feel more confident, the funny thing is i had this fwb who was insecure about about having little titties so alot of times she would leave her bra on and i would leave my boxers on lol

>3. why do some people fuck with boxers on? Just take em off,
13456363, great post...great topic
Posted by mikediggz, Fri Mar-25-22 01:17 PM
13456366, In regards to #2, do they typically show their face?
Posted by calij81, Fri Mar-25-22 02:00 PM
If not, I could see this as a branding thing.
13456374, weirdly enough, no.
Posted by double negative, Fri Mar-25-22 04:55 PM
13456367, #4 reminds me of Mister Cee getting caught.
Posted by JFrost1117, Fri Mar-25-22 02:04 PM
Something I read where he was like he’s gotten sooooooooo much pussy, he needs “something different”. Like, okay then, bud.
13456448, heard that same thing about a rapper who shall remain nameless
Posted by legsdiamond, Sun Mar-27-22 08:17 PM
dude was on tour and said he seen and heard some things..

then said “you’d be surprised how dudes get tired of pussy and want to try to conquer something new”

To this day I don’t want to believe its true
13456652, Why not ?
Posted by Brew, Mon Mar-28-22 10:28 AM
>To this day I don’t want to believe its true

Literally who cares.
13456368, i buy my shit now.....exclusively
Posted by tomjohn29, Fri Mar-25-22 02:21 PM
had a couple interactions with clients who were suing porn companies over intellectual property...shit damaged me
13456371, I’m trying not to laugh at this reply but its hilarious
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri Mar-25-22 03:23 PM
Not the actual stolen property but the wording just sounds funny

did it damage you because you recognized the content?

13456382, nah it damaged me that some of these girls were deceived
Posted by tomjohn29, Fri Mar-25-22 07:24 PM
i worked on the pornhub case
13456370, damn glad I gave it up a few years ago lol
Posted by ThaTruth, Fri Mar-25-22 02:58 PM
13456373, 5. music just fucking kills it.
Posted by double negative, Fri Mar-25-22 04:53 PM
no, we don't want to hear your mixtape.

just because Drake is your shit doesn't make it our shit too.

its even more distracting when the music is not what you expected

13456386, yeah, fuck outta here...
Posted by Dstl1, Fri Mar-25-22 08:22 PM
ol "produced by JlSwisher" lookin ass boy. Nobody care about that bullshit.
13456574, Definitely don't understand #3. I hate wet clothes
Posted by spenzalii, Mon Mar-28-22 08:36 AM
Wet boxers are a hard pass for me. Don't need the chafing, don't need the dried crusty bits, just not for me