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Topic subjectshe is more likely to become a Senator
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13456342, she is more likely to become a Senator
Posted by Stadiq, Fri Mar-25-22 10:23 AM

than be arrested.

Its fun to think about, but I think we get ourselves/each other irrationally hyped about stuff.

Like the idea that Thomas catching COVID is/was somehow related to his awful wife's texts.


They are evil and deserve to go down...but "our side" doesn't have the motivation/urgency/spine/whatever to hold powerful people accountable or even consider breaking norms.

The clock is running out on 1-6 accountability. Dems lose the house in a few months at this point.

Why we aren't all disgusted with "our side" not doing more is beyond me.

>In the next month. The only thing that would make him dying
>at home better is if they arrested his wife in front of his
>dying eyes.