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Topic subjectAnyone watching Severance? (Apple+)
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13454545, Anyone watching Severance? (Apple+)
Posted by Bambino Grande, Fri Feb-25-22 01:16 PM

This show is good as hell but WOW its bleak lol

One of those shows I'm glad has episode drops weekly cos binging this would be depressing af

13454763, RE: Anyone watching Severance? (Apple+)
Posted by Original Juice, Mon Feb-28-22 12:04 PM
Watched the first episode. That shit is good.

13454814, sounds like it's right up my alley
Posted by shamus, Mon Feb-28-22 06:23 PM
but I don't have Apple+
13454816, free 4 months of apple tv+ from target.
Posted by Reeq, Mon Feb-28-22 06:55 PM

free year if you have t mobile.
13454919, I would suggest getting it for a few months and binging
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed Mar-02-22 08:53 AM
they actually have some really good shows.

Servant is the shit
See season 1
Ted Lasso
Lisey’s Story
Mosquito Coast
13454934, This is exactly what I did…
Posted by Dstl1, Wed Mar-02-22 12:03 PM
my 3 month trial ends April 2nd. I binged the shit out of Ted Lasso, The Morning Show and Invasion. Completely caught up. Gonna go ahead and peep Severance, cuz I fuck with Adam Scott on the strength of Parks and Rec.
13454936, Servant is still my fav show on Apple+
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed Mar-02-22 12:10 PM
13459468, RE: I would suggest getting it for a few months and binging
Posted by QBoogie, Tue May-03-22 03:25 PM
Watch the Sound w/ Mark Ronson was incredible to me.
13455208, oowee ep 4 was goodt
Posted by grey, Mon Mar-07-22 04:15 AM
very well acted. my man from high maintenance in it. bleak is right ha but they mix in enough humor to keep you off balance.

13455211, Watched the first ep. it’s a really morbid concept lol
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Mon Mar-07-22 07:31 AM
13455308, Its sort of a mood bummer, lol. But its well acted as shit, I dig it
Posted by Bambino Grande, Tue Mar-08-22 02:12 PM
13455309, Damn, this is a tough watch…
Posted by Dstl1, Tue Mar-08-22 02:16 PM
and I didn’t realize it wasn’t done, until I got in there. I checked out Ep. 1. I have a hard time watching shows week to week. The pandemic made me a binger. Anyway, I dunno if I’ll pick this back up or not.
13457664, finale was fire
Posted by grey, Thu Apr-07-22 11:54 PM
yall sleeping

damn is this what it feel like when people take it personal when you not watchin a show they excited about. cuz i dont know anyone who watches this shit and im feeling a way.
13457675, yes.. but moreso when they tell you why they aren’t watching
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri Apr-08-22 07:35 AM
and they say stuff like “why would I watch a show about work when I get home from work”

I’m not ready to watch it yet because my schedule is filled with shows right now.
13457764, I'm rooting for all these characters* so hard.
Posted by Backbone, Fri Apr-08-22 04:40 PM
This series is really up there with the best.

Even so, I'm slightly anxious to see how they're going to pull of another season.

*) not ALL of them, obviously
13457802, So, my 3 free months of Appletv was up…
Posted by Dstl1, Sat Apr-09-22 07:24 AM
I went ahead and re-upped for $5, lol. Severance is done, so I’m about to start at Ep 2 and go hard. Sure I’ll finish it, this weekend. Also, the Magic Johnson docuseries drops April 22nd.
13457817, One of the best shows in recent years
Posted by nipsey, Sat Apr-09-22 01:28 PM
It's next level good IMO. The acting. The set design. The cinematography. All amazing. The ensemble cast is excellent. John Turturro is putting on a masterclass in acting. Zach Cherry and Tramell Tillman are a relevation.

I'm invested in these characters like a MFer. That's my crew. I root hard for them. And Dylan G? The MFin' MVP!

Can't wait until Season 2.
13459319, Season Finale was one of the best hours in TV ever
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Mon May-02-22 05:53 PM
They season built up everything that lead us to that final hour and the high stakes were earned. Sitting on the edge of my seat the entire episode. Ben Stiller is a hell of a director. Every actor was great.

It kind of reminded me of early Lost.

The show started a bit slow and the Petey stuff early on was the weakest part of the show, but it builds and you will watch the last 3 hours non-stop.

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