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Topic subjectNo, it's like saying something about the title.
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13453746, No, it's like saying something about the title.
Posted by Cold Truth, Tue Feb-15-22 01:25 PM
>Ultimately saying “bad title” without ANY context is like
>people saying something about an album when the track listing
>comes out.

You think poking fun at the title is the same as saying something about the content within the movie itself?

Because those are two completely different things, and nobody is making fun of the movie itself. Because nobody has seen it. We're just having fun with the title and trailer.

It's not "hate" or "backlash" to joke at the title, or even the trailer.

>Who knows what the title means yet. On its face,
>Get Out is a generic ass title too. *shrug*

Nobody in here is doing anything other than having a small amount of fun at the title and a trailer that's extremely sparse on the details.

I don't see an ounce of hate or backlash there.

It's just good natured joking around about a movie title and trailer.