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Topic subjectBecause our other adversaries are watching. Very Closely
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13453298, Because our other adversaries are watching. Very Closely
Posted by Amritsar, Tue Feb-08-22 09:54 AM
China will be emboldened to attack Taiwan. And Don’t get me started on Iran

We should also stand with (real) democratic countries fighting for their sovereignty. They have a right to join us and our NATO Allie’s if they want to. I also personally do not want Ukraine to go the way of Belarus and Lukashenko.

I do not support war. That’s ridiculous. But I understand the global hegemony and the stakes at play here.

To the TYT Intercept crowd, America will always be in the wrong I guess.

Jacobin is a fucking joke to serious politicos.

>with that article you link, apart from your disagreement??
>The history and context laid out by the author is correct, and
>you're calling it agitprop but socialism isn't mentioned once
>talk more of promoted throughout the entire piece.
>Furthermore, it was published late Dec 2021 and since then the
>current US admin has deployed thousands more troops to the
>region plus adopted a posture so incendiary that the pres of
>Ukraine himself has asked the West to chill lol
>https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-60174684). This would
>suggest that the author's concerns/predictions about where
>American saber-rattling could lead are quite valid.
>If you support war, you could just say that. A journalist
>explaining (and applying a critical lens to) historical facts
>unflattering to the US isn't de facto socialist propaganda
>>Ana Kasparian, Kyle kulinski and these other influencer
>>openly questioning our ties to NATO right now. Talking as
>>WE are the aggressors here
>>Jacobin mag basically running with Russian agitprop right