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13453288, because there is none
Posted by Dr Claw, Tue Feb-08-22 08:28 AM
>But neither of your posts outline a path to win elections.

as long as the Democrats insist on backing center-right and "fauxgressive" candidates who aren't even so much as bog standard liberal so they can keep their Vanilla Republican scions in power?

there is no path to win elections. might be able to get away with that scam in states that are "Blue" but as we've seen recently in California and New York, All-Blue can still lead to Some Poo.

New York has gone from Cuomo (a disaster) to Hochul, who in policy, seems every bit as bad if not worse. She is merely (as far as we know) not a sex pest like Cuomo is allegedly.

And elected unscrupulous Negroes like Byron Brown and Eric Adams as mayors of notable cities.

It gets worse when you consider the complete drop of the ball the Biden Admin and Congress has made to make the act of voting secure in the places where it is most threatened.

>I think the only way to shock the system at all would be mass

the road through change will be through organized labor. thankfully, things are progressing a more positive direction thereabouts.