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Topic subjectpessimistic about Nina round 2, I think Fetterman wins in PA
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13453282, pessimistic about Nina round 2, I think Fetterman wins in PA
Posted by Dr Claw, Tue Feb-08-22 12:22 AM
Conor Lamb is another "Joe Biden" type dude, people ain't really trying to hear that shit after the Biden presidency took a giant dump in the middle of Washington. Dr. Oz is a joke and has none of the "Trump" charisma. Fetterman is sweeping the field.

Shontel Brown is an empty suit and the kind of "fatback and biscuits" merchant disciple I despise. I've been in the room with her several times. now that I've a complete appraisal of that work, if it happens again, she's going to hear it.

However, unless the composition of OH-11 has changed enough to take them upper-middle class burbs outta the picture and add some more west side Clevelanders, I can't see Nina getting in there unless no one votes in that race.

the moral of the story is that, if there's a real threat from the left, the Democratic Party will swoop in with dirty money sources and collude with Republicans to get them out of that paint. Rinse and repeat. There has been tons of writing on this.

Embrace Fetterman, he's the only chance for PA to wrest a Senate seat from the Republicans. Conor Lamb will lose to Oz or whoever the GOP embraces.

If you haven't noticed, the Democratic Party has completely fucked off the concerns of Black voters in recent times. only the die hard Black "White Moderates" are gonna ride. Not locking down voting rights and laughing in the face of everything else the Black organizers in 2020 were working for is going to have disastrous results. Writing on the wall. The Black poltiical class has been too pussy and basically been running interference for their cracka-ass cracka sugar daddies. L for them