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Topic subjectNot a fan of Ana,Kyle,Jacobin,or Putin, but what exactly is the problem
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13453273, Not a fan of Ana,Kyle,Jacobin,or Putin, but what exactly is the problem
Posted by kfine, Mon Feb-07-22 07:24 PM
with that article you link, apart from your disagreement?? The history and context laid out by the author is correct, and you're calling it agitprop but socialism isn't mentioned once talk more of promoted throughout the entire piece.

Furthermore, it was published late Dec 2021 and since then the current US admin has deployed thousands more troops to the region plus adopted a posture so incendiary that the pres of Ukraine himself has asked the West to chill lol (https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2022/01/28/ukraine-russia-us-nato-putin-macron/, https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-60174684). This would suggest that the author's concerns/predictions about where American saber-rattling could lead are quite valid.

If you support war, you could just say that. A journalist explaining (and applying a critical lens to) historical facts unflattering to the US isn't de facto socialist propaganda tho.

>Ana Kasparian, Kyle kulinski and these other influencer bros
>openly questioning our ties to NATO right now. Talking as if
>WE are the aggressors here
>Jacobin mag basically running with Russian agitprop right now: