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Topic subjectRE: I appreciate reeq. my reply wasn't really about him
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13453161, RE: I appreciate reeq. my reply wasn't really about him
Posted by Stadiq, Sat Feb-05-22 12:41 AM
>and i usually agree with him on how delusional some of the
>bernieverse is in terms of actually winning elections.

I agree with him here too. And I appreciate a lot of knowledge he has dropped.

But when the criticism goes everywhere but to the home team I get aggy.

I can't take hypocrites.
>but i feel what you're saying on criticisms only going in that


>the Dem establishment seems to have no real message right now,
>and nothing to put up there for the next cycle except we're
>not as bad as these people, and we would have gotten more done
>if if wasn't for X.

Exactly and a lot of us already lived through the last Democratic admin doing the same shit.

I, for one, hoped/thought a wannabe dictator and attempted coup would motivate motherfuckers.

Instead it is more of the same Democrat bullshit, that is actually looking worse than ever in context.

>Republican's message right now seems to be leave people the
>fuck alone. while i recognize there's a lot of bullshit and
>hyporcicy in them saying it, its probably going to play pretty
>well with an exhausted frustrated electorate

Which is insane because Democrats have a case to make on some successes, more work to do, several challenges facing America thanks to the GOP, and that the other side ATTEMPTED TO OVERTHROW THE GOVERNMENT.

Instead, we get jobs report, the stock market, keep schools open, and take off your masks.

While maintaining Trump policies, getting their hair blown out, officiating billionaire weddings, all that shit.

And their loyal army wants us to worry more about any other group.