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Topic subjecthow so? It's interesting how Black women like Briahna
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13453131, how so? It's interesting how Black women like Briahna
Posted by Vex_id, Fri Feb-04-22 12:22 PM
and Nina Turner get smeared by conventional circles - particularly by types like Jason Johnson of MSNBC who referred to Briahna as a "misfit black girl" on the air:


Incidentally, Johnson also tried to check Nina Turner for referring to Bloomberg as an oligarch (despite the fact that he's a textbook oligarch by all accepted definitions):


Why do so many feel the need to disparage these women (in order to defend people like Mike Bloomberg and Hillary Clinton, *at that*?) And then - after all this smearing and character assassination - you expect them to have some kind of undying allegiance to Clinton Democrats?

Get real.