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Topic subjecthow do you amass political power without amassing political power?
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13452709, how do you amass political power without amassing political power?
Posted by Reeq, Fri Jan-28-22 03:24 AM
these people are running in democratic primaries where the winner is chosen by democratic voters.

when people talk about the democratic establishment...they conveniently forget that it includes the people that consistently show up to the ballot box to establish them.

its like folks who blamed a bernie sc primary loss on the establishment and black grandmoms are just sitting there waving their church fans like huh.

there just aint a bunch of anti-democrat democrats lol. especially among those motivated to show up in a primary in the spring.

its just a weird way to do politics if you actually intend to win.

i thought a high profile drubbing and round rejection in 2020 would be a wakeup call. but i guess not.

and its not even all progressives since there are a ton of pragmatic folks that successfully campaign on coalition politics to make progressive headway. but *this* particular brand is goofy. especially in large states with composite electorates where everyone isnt in line with every one of your stances.

its a really easy thing to fix if folks just use their head a bit.