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Topic subjectdont mind if i do
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13452695, dont mind if i do
Posted by Binlahab, Thu Jan-27-22 06:16 PM
the system is broken and the democrats are partially responsible for why.

the duopoly ensures that the actual ideals of the people dont get heard.

democrats are center right. they have a demonstrated inability to govern and enact policies that they campaign on.

most people at this point have stopped caring and dont vote at all.

so called "progressive" candidates who talking about things that the majority of people want get dismissed as clowns or amateurs. meanwhile the professionals have been in power for decades.

I dont mean just the fed or state level either

when so called progressives are elected, they must p
people are tired of doing the same thing...and expecting a different result.

its long and i mean LONG time for a real change in the fundamental way this country operates