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Topic subjectya'll see those car vinyl covers
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13452576, ya'll see those car vinyl covers
Posted by rdhull, Wed Jan-26-22 05:14 PM
I see they probably prevent scratches to the go paint underneath and keep any highway stones doing the same even though it makes your car look dull primmer finish but at least the resell may be more when you remove it. Got that og coat looking brand new still.
13452605, There are a lot of options out there, some look shiny as paint..
Posted by FLUIDJ, Thu Jan-27-22 06:51 AM
I was thinking about doing a clear high gloss wrap on mine....but the cost was kinda silly so I chilled.
13452700, RE: ya'll see those car vinyl covers
Posted by double 0, Thu Jan-27-22 08:34 PM
Literally searching for a satin color on one now...

They come in a million colors and finishes though