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Topic subjectTorraine is a national treasure.
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13452566, Torraine is a national treasure.
Posted by Dr Claw, Wed Jan-26-22 04:11 PM
when I first saw the article, I was thinking the "Big Lie" was a reference to that "Trump Actually Won" shit. No, they were comparing a whole race/gender combo to Adolf Hitler.

That's when I realized that this POV not only was this beyond the point of parody, it was a full-blown grift.

Dave Chappelle is so far removed from the average Negro that using him as the example of "the average Negro" was ludicrous from jump. From a class perspective especially, but when you look at his upbringing it's very atypical.

the Lemieux piece really gave me "Black Boogeyman" vibes and it sucks so many Black people are taking notes from D.W. Griffith nowadays when all you need to do is ask: "why are reactionary views and behavior so popular with the public? Even when the person is Black?"