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13451910, not quite.
Posted by Brotha Sun, Sun Jan-16-22 04:57 PM
By "die," i mean become scapegoats and used as a stepping block for liberal blacks performing for white audiences.

theres valid critiques to make of black men, but if your goal is to make black men hear your message how is Vanity Fair the proper medium? She has the platform to pitch this story to a black publication and easily get it passed.

Why doesn't any data corroborate the claims made in the article? How are black men suppose to be held accountable for disproportionate harm and hatefulness that cant be verified? Couples of all sexual orientations have high rates of violence and abuse in the black community. There's countless factors that lead to that and trivializing it as "men wanting to align with white patriarchy" is counter productive. It leads to a major blind spot when intervening with male victims of ipv, and same sex female couples who are in a cycle of abuse.

There's countless studies showing black men are the most progressive group of men in america and have similar attitudes towards feminism as black women do.