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Topic subjectIt's interesting to me her dad's a black panther
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13451827, It's interesting to me her dad's a black panther
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Fri Jan-14-22 07:34 PM
My first question once I read this was whose her parents and mate? Couldnt find who her babys father was but saw her dad was a black panther. Twitter says he was an informer but I don't give that weight but the panther stuff is interesting because I've always found the Panthers problematic because of their treatment of women. My intro to the panthers was Elaine browns autobiography and she talked about the misogyny and sexual violence at the hands of fellow black Panthers and I had no interest in them. But is that where she learns that most black men ain't shit and dont give a f*ck about black women or anyone else?

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