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Topic subjectask binlahab anything
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13451734, ask binlahab anything
Posted by Binlahab, Thu Jan-13-22 06:41 PM
ive been here since...1999.

for a good...id say 12 years i checked in and read everything on this motherfucker. every board.

PROLLY every day.

many years i was logged in all day.

read a lot.

been told a lot.

seen a lot.

remember it all.

lets get it all on the table.

13451739, How's the COVID situation in your neck of the woods?
Posted by Shaun Tha Don, Thu Jan-13-22 07:45 PM
13451741, Turrible ©️ Chuck
Posted by Binlahab, Thu Jan-13-22 08:05 PM
Luckily have managed to only have one case in my immd circle trying to stay as safe as possible it's the new normal
13451756, What's your wimmin situation these days?
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Fri Jan-14-22 06:12 AM

"Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face. Then they don't have a plan anymore." (c) Mike Tyson

"what's a leader if he isn't reluctant"
13451796, Excellent question.
Posted by Binlahab, Fri Jan-14-22 12:30 PM
I am 45 yrs old. 5'10" 240.

I'm built like a retired linebacker.

I'm financially comfortable.

I'm a homeowner. I work from that home and have a couple revenue streams coming in.

Im well read, intelligent, easy to talk to and well versed on many different subjects.

I'm also fairly easy on the eyes and got a full head of hair that's going gray at the temples and beard.

I also live in the DC area.

So. All that to say I'm doing ok re women
13451841, so you's a ho
Posted by weaponry, Fri Jan-14-22 11:03 PM
13451847, Hoes get paid.
Posted by Binlahab, Sat Jan-15-22 07:54 AM
So sometimes.
13451798, Copped a PS5 yet?
Posted by spenzalii, Fri Jan-14-22 12:43 PM
I haven't bothered, But good games right around the corner, so...
13451821, RE: Copped a PS5 yet?
Posted by Johnny, Fri Jan-14-22 06:28 PM
whats dropping soon for PS5
13451843, Horizon: Forbidden West and GT7
Posted by spenzalii, Sat Jan-15-22 01:10 AM
Though both are coming to PS4, so I can still play 'em, I suppose
13451893, Just preordered GT7 and the new Uncharted Joint for PS5
Posted by Dstl1, Sun Jan-16-22 02:19 PM
I tried Horizon out, back when I bought it for my PS4 Pro...it's a beautiful game and it's right up my alley for the type of game I like, I just couldn't get into it. I ended up taking it back to GameStop and trading it in...with that said, I'm gonna chill on this new one.
13451848, Haven't historically I've been a Xbox guy
Posted by Binlahab, Sat Jan-15-22 07:58 AM
But strongly considering it

You the F1 dude if I recall correctly. Love that shit now you was right all these years

on sabbatical.

does it really matter?

wonder what bin's doing?
13451948, Yep. #TeamHamilton all day over here. Rough F1 season for sure
Posted by spenzalii, Mon Jan-17-22 12:01 PM
Last race was just sickening. Still, it wasn't like Max didn't deserve it. Just not like that.

2022 is definitely the year to get in, as all bets are off with the new regs. Well, they should be off, but we shall see. If Lewis gets his 8th chip he can retire the undisputed GOAT.
13452026, Imo he's already got the crown
Posted by Binlahab, Tue Jan-18-22 02:33 PM
Similar to lebron he may not have the most rings but straight skills & talent... unfadeable

Verstappen is too Aryan looking for me I can't deal with them extra Nordic looking mfers. He's a great driver tho
13451820, You running for office next election?
Posted by Castro, Fri Jan-14-22 06:23 PM
13451849, Nah. I'm most useful in other ways
Posted by Binlahab, Sat Jan-15-22 08:01 AM
Like rabble rousing for the cause via social media

I can't say what I want and represent the party or the cause people shit on reparations because they don't "like" me it's too important so while I'm still involved I will support in th background

I'll still be out there with a clipboard. For someone else tho

on sabbatical.

does it really matter?

wonder what bin's doing?
13451926, Quid Pro Quo
Posted by Kira, Mon Jan-17-22 07:50 AM
Which vaccine did you get?
13452027, The one I got nm
Posted by Binlahab, Tue Jan-18-22 02:34 PM

on sabbatical.

does it really matter?

wonder what bin's doing?
13452032, Where is a good place to go for a class reunion
Posted by godleeluv, Tue Jan-18-22 03:31 PM

... "A Beautiful Struggle"