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Topic subject2 kids… over $18,500 and we were taking summers off
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13451774, 2 kids… over $18,500 and we were taking summers off
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri Jan-14-22 10:32 AM
when we did our taxes and they said “damn, that is a lot of money” we replied.. “we know, it was our money”

when friends would say “do you know what you could do with all that money?” we replied.. yes, we know.

real rap, the pandemic was a blessing in disguise for our children finances. It was terrible for their development and stressful for us since we had to work remotely but man, we saved a ton of money.

Now we pay $250 a week for a babysitter for afterschool care.

How is daycare more expensive than an in-state university?