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Topic subjectDefinitely have to make a strong effort to get to know your neighbors these
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13451762, Definitely have to make a strong effort to get to know your neighbors these
Posted by FLUIDJ, Fri Jan-14-22 09:19 AM
I know every hood is different, and I'm sure we lucked up...but we know practically every neighbor on our block, and the houses behind us. We have keys to 3 of the neighbor's house, and they have keys to ours. Our next door neighbors also offered their house to us for 2 months when ours was being renovated and my wife was pregnant 5 years ago.... We lived there for two months while they were on an extended road trip.

Not that it matters...but I guess it kinda does....we're the only Black family on the entire street....I say that to say; 15 years ago, if you'd have told me that I'd be sharing keys with some 60+ year old republican neighbors, living in another WASP neighbors house for 2 months, swapping tools with another old republican catholic neighbor, and waving to random folks that I only know their dogs' name... I'd have laughed in your face...

Unfortunately we had our kids in a time frame that landed younger than our immediate neighbors, and has them about 3 years older than our extended neighbors....so still having zero'd in on any neighborhood friends yet...but I think as they get into the upper elementary school years that'll improve.