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13452024, Excellent Question
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Tue Jan-18-22 02:10 PM
And the answer is complicated. But it's the difference between "editorial use" and "commercial use". It's the reason why newspaper photographers don't need permission to publish photos but the same photographer with the same photo would need permission to put that photo on a mug or sweatshirt or, as some would argue, on the cover of that photo book.

This is outside my area of expertise but I think the answer is complicated and has a bunch of different factors. Like are the photos of the person in public (where they had no expectation of privacy) or in private. How much do you use any one artist in the photo book? etc.

If you have a lot of good pictures, I would put them together and shop them to a publisher, and let them deal with the issue.

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