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Topic subjectGoing to be like this for weeks/months :(
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13451703, Going to be like this for weeks/months :(
Posted by handle, Thu Jan-13-22 01:08 PM
>the only ones you can find are at drug stores cuz the DOH
>sites (where most of humanity would think to go, right?) are
>all closed right now...WHY? WHY ARE THEY CLOSED?

Staff out sick with COVID is probably why. or people quit because they don't want to be handling sick people for $15 an hour.

>so, like, what's the point. ***IF*** she had it, by the time
>she gets tested, she's gonna be "over" it basically. 6 days to
>be notified (i realize this depends on when the person who has
>it finds out) + 7 days to get tested. it's like sort of too
>late by then, no?

The PCR tets will likely come back positive at 13 days. So you know if she had it, for peace of mind I guess?

>her job said "hey, exposure was more than 5 days ago and you
>seem fine so come back."
>we living in some fucked times man, i'll tell ya.

This is the most disease this country has had since I've been alive, and we are not doing a good job.

Hope everyone stays well in your house, I'm hearing stories like this from friends and coworkers now too.