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Topic subjectgot a first hand experience of the fuckery that is our covid situation.
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13451697, got a first hand experience of the fuckery that is our covid situation.
Posted by PROMO, Thu Jan-13-22 12:29 PM
wife wakes up middle of the night yesterday to an email saying she was in close contact to someone who tested positive for covid.

this notification comes from an app run by the state DOH that uses your phones gps. so, automatically i question the accuracy, but i digress.

email says the close contact was 6 days ago. only place my wife been in the last 6 days for a duration long enough to be "exposed" is work, so there's that.

well, she has no symptoms nor does anyone in our house (which is 6 people), and it's been more than 5 days (the new guideline). that said, she still wants to get tested. can't find a test near us for literally a week. not only that but the only ones you can find are at drug stores cuz the DOH sites (where most of humanity would think to go, right?) are all closed right now...WHY? WHY ARE THEY CLOSED?

i dunno. shit is fucked up.

so, like, what's the point. ***IF*** she had it, by the time she gets tested, she's gonna be "over" it basically. 6 days to be notified (i realize this depends on when the person who has it finds out) + 7 days to get tested. it's like sort of too late by then, no?

her job said "hey, exposure was more than 5 days ago and you seem fine so come back."

we living in some fucked times man, i'll tell ya.