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Topic subjectthis is a tough one and I can totally relate
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13451694, this is a tough one and I can totally relate
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu Jan-13-22 12:03 PM
and I’m not sure I blame anyone in these situations.

When my Dad was on his deathbed my cousin came to visit. Even spent the night.. then asked my wife for money when she left.

Family is wild.

Sometimes people just unplug because they dont want that drama.

I had a cousin pass away and her brother who was my closest cousin growing up didn’t show up to her funeral. He’s not right in the head.. so I just accept that it was for the best.

and my fam on both sides talks all type of trash, one side is straight to your face, the other behind your back.

and what is really crazy are the REAL stories about family that you finally hear once you are an adult.

Webay face: ohhh, so that’s why