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Topic subjectThis resonates so much with me.
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13451692, This resonates so much with me.
Posted by Cold Truth, Thu Jan-13-22 11:48 AM
>anyway, she got covid last year and was in the hospital for
>days. he didn't even contact her. I basically had stopped
>talking to him well before then on some other shit. so her
>daughter cussed him out about it. that was the straw for her.
>he'd done enough selfish acts and she was fed up. so she gave
>him some words. he was more upset about how she delivered the
>message and I'm not even sure he got the actual reasoning for
>getting cuss out.

This right here. Such a deep sense of selfishness that his feelings are still all that really matters to him. Completely oblivious to the fact that his reaction is a perfect, shining display of the sort of selfishness that elicited her reaction to begin with.

I think people take that blood tie for granted, as though nothing they could do could ever get them exiled, because, hey, blood.

They don't realize that people do have a breaking point. And once that levee breaks, sometimes, what comes out isn't diplomatic or kind.

But it is, often enough, well and hard earned.

And what comes out is just raw, unfiltered truth.

And if they- he, in this case- had a tenth of an ounce of a fuck to give about them, he'd just take his medicine and accept it.

>I tlked to him today because his sister no longer wants to
>live, but wants her siblings and me to hang out with her more.
>he says he didn't go because he didn't want to see her like
>that. I told him nobody wants to see their people down, but
>your people need support in those times. also said he was
>being completely selfish by thinking about what he
>wants/doesn't want, while his immediate fam is possibly dying
>of covid.
>asked him if he and the daughter talked since she gave him
>words. he said not about that or him not visiting his sister.
>hoping my talk with him today will help him see where he's
>wrong, but his history says I wasted my time. we'll see.
>hoping my talk with him will push him forward, but I trust
>that it won't. he typicall

Hoping he'll wake the fuck up, for the sake of you and yours.

but you're most likely right.

That sort of selfishness is too often dyed in the wool.